You’re not here by accident. You’re in exactly the right place because…

 You want to make an impact.

But you fear the unknown.

You know there’s something more you need to do for others

You’re stuck at an impasse.

You’re ready for an adventure.

You’re unsure of your direction.

 You’re ready for change.

Michael Marx Skiing

I know something about you. You have a good life. You’ve worked hard. You’ve built a certain level of success. Your family has a comfortable life. But something’s missing. You sense that God is calling you in another direction. But you have financial obligations. Family obligations. How can you make drastic changes? What exactly are those changes? How can you blaze a new trail and get where you need to go safely?

I’m Michael J. Marx and I was you. I understand what it’s like to know there’s a road less-traveled. Another path I had to explore. I help my clients formulate a new way of thinking. I challenge their thinking patterns. I hold their feet to the fire.

I’m the guy who helps you get your act together in such a way that you can move forward in a direction you wouldn’t have imagined before.

What does it take to get unstuck? What does it take to go from fear to freedom when normal is no longer an option?

Take a chance.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” ~Jim Rohn

No more ordinary. No more boredom. Purpose and passion, yes. Risk? Yes. You might lose. Yet if you don’t try, you’ve already lost. Commit to the challenge.

You’re ready to move forward. Feel the call of the wild. I can help you get there.

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