About Michael J. Marx

My Story

I wanted to be an architect. I thought it would be the coolest thing to have my name engraved on the cornerstone of a building. For this reason, I enrolled in a top architectural school. I was 18 and I knew what I wanted. What I didn’t know was what God wanted.

The pivotal moment in my life was when I surrendered to His leading and dropped out of architectural school and enrolled at Oral Roberts University instead. There I received a Bachelor’s degree in German Studies. While at ORU, I became involved in mission trips to Germany. I married one of my teammates and we eventually settled in Berlin, Germany.

Michael Graduating

In Berlin I discovered my passion for teaching. Not really lecturing, but asking powerful questions. The students learned and acquired knowledge through the questions that I asked. Years later I realized that my teaching method was closer to coaching than anything else.

Later I went to the University of Louisiana at Monroe to get an MBA. Afterwards I worked as the business director for a non-profit and later as a highly successful sales trainer for MMCA.

In 1995 we moved back to Germany. I went on to get a doctorate in adult education and became a university professor and highly sought after risk management consultant in Hannover, Germany. My clients hired me ostensibly for my expertise in risk management and communications.

Soon, however, it became clear that I was really there to help them solve their life’s mysteries. Many simply hired me because I would listen to them. Really listen to them.

My Adventure

Then the Lord led my wife and I to sell everything, move back to the States and travel the continent in an RV. I was able to continue teaching online and coaching from the back of our camper. All that my jobs required was Internet!

After the first year, I was surprised to find out how little I needed. After the second year, I was surprised to find out how little I wanted.

During this over-the-road adventure, my wife wanted to learn how to become a dog sled driver. So we traveled to Alaska. Just as we got there, everything turned upside down! (see pic) But we stayed the course.

RV Before
RV After

In Alaska we acquired 14 sled dogs, two dog sleds, and a dog truck. However, two winters in Alaska was enough.

We decided we wanted to settle in Colorado. Now we live in the mountains near Steamboat Springs where I run my coaching business from our home and my wife runs dogs.

Was there risk in what we did? Absolutely.

Would I do it all over again? Definitely.

Michael with Dogs

My Purpose

People ask me, “So, how does coaching work?” I tell them, “Well, I ask you questions until the answer is ‘I don’t know.’ That’s where the coaching begins.” I enjoy getting to the point where something new must be created. I love the unknown. My purpose in life is to be a catalyst. I feel called to get things done. My greatest joy is seeing people move from having a stalled life to a dynamic one.

I invest a lot of time into volunteer efforts. As the Immediate Past President of the Christian Coaches Network International and as the leader of the ICF Ethics Community of Practice, I feel that I am helping the coaching industry take shape and move forward – blazing new trails. I like to refer to myself as a mover and a shaker.

What This Means for You

You’ve read stories of people that break free to explore the wilderness. They go on journeys, adventures, and expeditions. They’re neither crazy, nor foolish – just full of life.

Charles A. Lindbergh experienced fear, famine and fame. For thirty-three and a half hours he flew – alone. Yet Lindbergh was the first person to be in New York one day, and Paris the next.

“Life without risks is not worth living.”
~Charles A. Lindbergh

That’s what you want… a life worth living.

What holds you back?

Finding an excuse is easy. Finding a calling is critical.

What is your calling? What is your destiny? Your dream?

What will you be first at? Different at? Great at? What holds you back from trying?

Take a chance on yourself.

Live that dream. Start that business. Write that novel. Get that degree. Climb that mountain. Travel the country in an RV. Float the Colorado River. Run in the Boston Marathon. Yes.

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