Ode to Vasser

Nose to the wind with snow in his face, lead dog, leery of humans; Vasser was a sled dog of character and enigma. As the beta lead dog, next to his alpha brother Grisman, the two led their team across the tundra of Canada and Alaska. He pulled stoically at the front of the pack [...]

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Living the Dream with misfortune

Head-on collision, death of my favorite dog, brother having open heart surgery; these are just a few of the “misfortunes” I’ve experienced in the last ten days.  Living the dream means also living with those things that affect the dream. One can never know what will happen in a given day. Life and death happen. [...]

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Accountability Allergies

Accountability Allergies The accountability question is often one people do not want to hear. In coaching we often like to ask: “Who is going to hold you accountable?” Or “What accountability do you need for this?” People have always been resistant to have someone looking over their shoulder. Reporting to someone often induces feelings of [...]

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By the Removal of Your Mind

By the Removal of Your Mind I had a Sunday School teacher who always like to say “by the removal of your mind” when he quoted this verse. Sometimes it just helps not to think. Not to think about the negative, not to think about the rejection, not to…think. Romans 12:2 (NIV) “Do not conform [...]

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New Digs

New Digs Dog Truck When we traded our camper for a dog truck, two sleds, and a dozen sled dogs, we really began to learn what flexibility meant. Living in an RV for three years had been challenging. Every location was an adventure in finding amenities and connectivity. The adventure continues. Last [...]

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Church For all of my life until recently, I have been going to church: usually multiple times per week. As a child, kids group and youth group became the inner circle of my best friends. I think church helped me stay out of a lot of trouble. A couple of years ago we moved back [...]

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Credentials Count

Credentials Count We can avoid sticky legislation and regulation when we as a body of professionals maintain high standards. The Christian coach is called to follow the moral principles of the Bible as well as the profession standards of the industry. For the Christian coach, the Holy Spirit is the unseen force in the room [...]

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