“Michael has a great way of pushing and stretching me as a client.”

As the author of a textbook on business ethics and over 20 years as a risk management consultant, I take my client’s privacy and safety very seriously. It’s important to me that you know our coaching conversations are confidential.

For that reason, I do not publish my clients’ names and pictures on my website. At the same time, I understand it’s important for you to know what others have to say about me as a coach and as a person.

Michael and Student

Not long ago, I had some of my clients, colleagues and students complete a 360-degree assessment to gather confidential feedback regarding my performance as a coach and instructor. You can view the assessment results report here. Or simply read some of the comments that participants provided below:

“Michael is a great encourager as an instructor; even when students may struggle he encourages in a way to keep them moving forward and not quitting.”

“He maintains a high interest in his students — you can just feel that he cares and wants us to succeed as coaches.”

“Dr. Marx is a great listener, passionate about coaching, and more than willing to establish long-standing relationships for the purpose of individual development.”

“His direct communication is amazing. This is so helpful.”

“Michael sticks to high principles and values and encourages others to do the same. He keeps his word and follows through.”

“He shares his wisdom with others. Encouraging others. Michael has a great way of pushing and stretching me as a client. He is very understanding and non-judging.”

Michael Corporate

“Michael asks clarifying questions until he understands what a person means.”

“Dr. Marx is an excellent coach, patient, and effectively elicits wisdom with skill and respect for the client’s individuality.”

“Very high quality of coaching work. Very honest and reliable. Always has very good insight.”

“He stays open minded.”

“Michael has an ease of manner that makes people comfortable to talk with him.”

“Michael is genuine in his approach. He brings a professional and calm presence to the coaching session that allows the client to move outside of their comfort zone and be challenged, but still feel that the coach truly has the client’s best interests at

Case Studies

Perhaps it’s helpful to read why some of my clients have come to coaching and what their experience has been. Here are three anonymous client stories (their names have been changed):

Kevin is brilliant. Things come naturally to him. Yet progress evades him. He does not seem to be able to focus long enough on a subject to see it through. He came to me as a client because he wanted to learn how to learn. He had finished his bachelor’s degree with relative ease, yet grad school seemed too much for him. He had dropped out three times. What coaching with me has done for Kevin is allow him to search deep into his soul to find his calling. He previously had only done what he thought pleased others, his parents, his pastor, and his wife. Now he is on a discovery journey to find what God has in store for him. He describes himself as a journeyman.
Scott recently recovered from total bankruptcy. He once ran a retail store that was going well until a competitor big box store moved in, literally, next door. It has taken him fifteen years to get out of debt. He knows that he could be successful running an independent retail store, yet he fears the potential of failure.

Ultimately, he would like to run a business that actively supports mission work in Israel. Scott continually tries new experiments that get him to think out of the box and move into uncharted territory.

Sarah was transitioning from her job as an addictions therapist to becoming an author and keynote speaker. She had never published a book before and viewed the entire process as overwhelming and frightening. Yet she was driven by a sense of purpose. The message for her book, she felt, contained inspiration which the world needs to read about. Her coaching with me was a discovery process. She looked to the sessions with me as a way to get motivation [aka, kick in the pants] as well as a system. She viewed my help as more authentic than any other because, as she put it, I’ve “been there.”

Following one session, she commented that the one single hour conversation she had with me was like getting a “whole year of coaching in one call.” Her major take-away from the session was “Better to see the enemy in the open, than to imagine that he’s not that strong.”


Still want more assurance?

I have several clients who are more than happy to tell you what our coaching was like for them. Simply contact me and I will get you their email information.

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