Business Performance. Eternal Perspective.

Convene works with Christian CEOs and Business Owners to define and live out their journey of success to significance through one-to-one mentoring and monthly peer-to-peer brain storming sessions. These business owners seek to connect what they do and who they are. The goal is to be who God created us to be and become the best leader possible through ideation and accountability. The leaders are dynamic and topics are genuine – the challenging issues of business are discussed as peers to identify areas of growth and improvement for their companies.

CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners join Convene to:

► Leverage business experience for organizational excellence, maximize profits and best practices
► Connect to a high-capacity peer group in a risk-free, non-judgmental and confidential environment
► Receive executive coaching and leader development with a God-honoring perspective
► Be equipped and inspired towards greater integration of faith, business, and purpose

Michael’s virtual Convene team meets via video-conferencing for two hours twice per month. Additionally, one-to-one executive coaching is provided. Convene also offers its members 1000s of articles, videos, and tools for maximizing their Kingdom output in the workplace.

Convene™ is a trusted community of Christian CEOs and owners that propel each other into industry-leading performance with purpose. Convene Members benefit from three distinct, interdependent environments: Convene Forum Teams, Executive Coaching Sessions, and Peer Community.

  • Convene Forum Teams are led by skilled facilitators (Chairs) with extensive business backgrounds and a mature faith. In a safe, yet challenging environment, members meet regularly to help grow each other’s businesses, and make a bigger impact in the lives of the people they lead.
  • Executive coaching allows each member to meet individually with their Chair in a monthly One 2 One™ session to work on implementing strategy, solving problems, aligning personal and professional priorities, and framing up challenges to bring back to their Convene Team for even greater input and impact.
  • Peer Community happens when members engage with peers who share their values, focus on growth, are real and accepting, and share the great adventure. The results are current and eternal impact, and lasting legacies for businesses and families.

The Convene Organizational Development Roadmap

  • Kingdom Purpose
  • Mission
  • Core Values / Guiding Principles
  • Vision
  • Strategic Plan

Is this for you?

Imagine CEOs and business owners embracing the challenge to be light and salt in the workplace. I’d like to demonstrate to you how Convene creates a culture of growth through effective confrontation.

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