Ethics & Risk Management for Christian Coaches

The “Bible” of Christian Coaching Ethics

Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches is the first book dedicated exclusively to dilemmas and predicaments unique to those who want to coach according to biblical principles. This one-stop guide to coaching ethics is thought provoking and easy to read. It addresses not only the issues and concerns of Christian coaches, but all those who endeavor to help clients move forward and gain new ground. As a Christian and as a coach, you want your clients to be excited and enthusiastic about coaching. Making an ethical mistake is easy. Preventing such mistakes is even easier.

Major messages:
• Establishing trust
• Forming right relationships
• Doing what is best for the client

Excerpt: Page 6.

“Respect: Ultimately, ethics comes down to one central practice: respect. You respect the other person’s rights. You respect the other person’s property. You respect the other person’s ability to make correct choices. (That last one is a toughie, isn’t it?) Therefore, you respect the client’s right to make decisions that you might not make for yourself. You respect the client’s right to fail. You honor your agreement to not lead or direct the client. You ask questions that have the client’s best interests at heart with every business, marketing, and financial decision you make.”

Teri-E Belf, Author of Coaching with Spirit says this:

“Many would not call me Christian, I don’t even call myself one, and yet I embraced the messages and wisdom Michael shares and, in my opinion, he goes way beyond religion into the core of who you are. He has woven together my favorite reading playgrounds: religion, neuro-science, philosophy, psychology, health, biology, through puns and metaphors, refreshingly new quotes, engaging stories, professional journal and book references, coaches’ experiences and religious passages… and humor.”

Michael MarxReflections on Writing This Book
The book came about as the result of the Ethics course taught at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. The school director, Chris McCluskey, and I were discussing the lack of material on ethics particularly for Christian coaching. After a thorough investigation, we realized that a new book needed to be written. The research took about three months, the initial writing about four months, and the re-writing about five months. A lot of the time, the words seem to just flow. There was never any writer’s block, no hesitation about what to write next.

It is our intention that the book give new Christian coaches the wherewithal to be ethical in all of their coaching endeavors. Certainly, old coaches will benefit from this book as well when they reflect on the principles of right behavior in their coaching practice. Risk management is mostly common sense. This book will give the reader a basis to ensure that he/she is on the right track.

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Dr. Michael J. Marx
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