To be free from the slavery of an 8 to 5, 45-minute commute, jacket + tie or make-up + dress type job is the dream of many Americans.

In their article Entrepreneur as Emancipation (2009), Rindova, Barry and Ketchen postulate that people seeking to bring about new environments for themselves are looking for autonomy from constraints, the ability to author their own set of rules, and the right to declare their own intentions.

Autonomy means breaking free. Gaining freedom from limiting authority. Often those who seek to live the dream become solopreneurs. People who can call their own shots. Freedom.

Authoring one’s own set of rules appeals to the start-up venturist. Write your own script. Form your own operating premise. Take for example the corporate values of Google: “Don’t be evil, technology matters, and we make our own rules.”

Declarations articulate your own definitions. You adopt a new set of assumptions and declare those to the world. You find out for yourself what should be said and how should you say it. You ask; “what would happen if I…?”

The essence of living the dream is to be and do what you were made for. Some people love to travel. I have one client who lives on a boat. He is able to take his home to a new port every week. Other people I know play video games for a living. Yes, you can actually earn money playing games. In fact, there are professional poker players who float from one gaming table to another in very interesting locations around the world. What about being a professional party planner or a photographer? I read of a man who tests beds in luxury hotels for a living.

Make your own emancipation proclamation. Set yourself free from the ball and chain.

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