Margin is the sense that you can slow down enough to consider all the moving parts. It is that peaceful place you can go to for solace and refuge. Creating margin is different than improving one’s time management. It is not finding more time or cramming yet another task into an already jam-packed day. I doubt you would feel like you are living the dream if you never can take time for reflection and relaxation.

This is the first time I’m recommending a book before I’ve finished reading it. The book The Joy Model published in 2016 by Nelson Books, takes a deep dive into the process of moving from a mundane life to a meaningful one. Jeff Spadafora has written an exploration into finding true contentment. His personal journey from a corporate situation to a non-profit organization is outlined in a simple model of finding purpose and then applying it to one’s profession and position in life. He has put together a M.A.S.T.E.R. plan where the “M” stands for margin. Margin is what Jeff describes as the space you create for yourself to think. In order to be able to make positive life changing decisions, one needs to have the capacity to contemplate, consider, and chew over all the possibilities.

When you create margin, you give the ears of your soul the space to hear the sounds of the future. You reduce or eliminate energy drainers that burden your day and distract you from living the life you were intended to live. Creating margin makes meaningful momentum. Perhaps you might clear your mind of distractions, like the radio or TV, and replace it with soul searching silence.

What is the next step? What can you do to reach a point where free flowing thought is the rule and not the exception?