When I teach a business class, I often begin by telling the students, “My name is Michael Marx, and I’ll be teaching you capitalism.” They always laugh. However, one Russian student commented to me about two weeks later, “Wow, you really are a capitalist!”

Karl Marx developed an economic theory that allows people to pursue their dream without the encumbrance of unfair capital gain. Unfortunately, this does not work in the composite because the human animal is driven by need for more. More stuff, more recognition, more power, more money = MORE. Yet, at its core, Marxism advocates the opposite; doing away with selfish gain and concentrating on doing good work for the welfare of others.

There is only one place that I have found this to be put into practice, and that is within Star Fleet of the Star Trek series. Here people will work hard all day long and receive no compensation for it. They work for the betterment of the universe. What a wonderful premise. I believe that if everyone could do what they love to do, there would be enough economic love to go around. If people didn’t take more than they give, we would have enough for everyone.

Again, I know that greed and competition relegates Marxism to a pipe dream. Still, the premise of doing things well without expectation of over-compensation is a happy way to live. Living the Dream means becoming free from the encumbrances of the daily grind. How many people do you know who are doing jobs that they hate (or at least dislike)? I think most people long for a place where they can practice their talents and skills freely. We want our work to be significant and meaningful.

This is all possible, yet not easy. What can you do to move closer to realistic Marxism?

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