Head-on collision, death of my favorite dog, brother having open heart surgery; these are just a few of the “misfortunes” I’ve experienced in the last ten days.  Living the dream means also living with those things that affect the dream. One can never know what will happen in a given day. Life and death happen. They are part of the master plan. Why such things happen is not as important as how we react to them.

On May 18th we got a freakish dump of slushy snow. The locals refer to this as mashed potatoes. I was determined to not let the weather keep me from finishing my training in the emergency room as a Suicide Prevention Advocate. I ended up there anyway. 20 mph. Serpentine curves. Left. Then right. Downhill to the left, to the right… No steering. Only hydroplaning to the left. Another truck is coming in the opposite direction. This isn’t happening. Crunch! A deafening sound. The other driver popped quickly out of his vehicle and looked after my well-being. Thank God he was all right. However. my chin had bent the steering wheel. I ended up with 20 stitches and huge headache. Otherwise I’m okay.

You know what an earworm is? A pesky little tune that plays in your head over and over. During all the events of the past weeks, one phrase from a worship song continues to play in my head: “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, oh my soul. Worship his holy name.” A powerful peace pervades my thinking. Somehow I know that all things are working together for good.

What is the “misfortune” which derails you? The one that keeps you from singing in the face of sorrow. What can you do to be at such peace that nothing thwarts that deep inner joy?

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~ Michael