Staying informed is important. Yet most of the news presented to us is negative and distracting. Living the Dream means being able to select the significant news and leave aside the garbage.

In the 80’s my intake of news shifted from live to print media. Back then my brother was a news producer. He was the one who ultimately decided what would be broadcasted on the 6 o’clock TV NEWS show in his area. So, I asked him:

“What is the criteria you use for the selection process?”

“Oh, that’s easy,  he said. “If it raises eyebrows it’s news. If it doesn’t, it’s not news.”

“That ain’t much,” I countered.

“I agree,” he replied.

That was the day I switch to print media. I didn’t want someone force feeding me with sensationalism. When I pick up a newspaper or magazine, I can decide what I will intake. Nowadays with the Internet it is even easier to pick and choose what is relevant. Knowing what to look for is part of being a responsible customer of information products. You can decide what you will allow into your brain.

Living the dream means having a sense of rightness. Choosing to consume sensationalism is like eating junk food. It might taste good and even raise an eyebrow or two, yet the gain is short-term. Murders, explosions, and car accidents are fascinating. Yet becoming enthralled with degrading and debilitating news will weaken your resolve to live at peace with the world.

I’m not talking about becoming a hermit or a recluse; quite the opposite. I suggest we dig into topics and news tidbits that have meaning and long-lasting effects. Having a clear sense of what is important to you will enable you to bypass the silly, and embrace the significant.

What criteria do you use to select and consume news?