Without any constraints, limitations, or costs; what is something you would love to do twelve hours a day if you could? i.e. What are you truly passionate about?


About a year and a half ago, I asked this question to one of my clients.
“Oh that’s easy,” she responded quickly. “I would pray for young men addicted to drugs.”
“For twelve hours a day!” I replied in astonishment.
“Sure. I could do it for sixteen, but you asked for twelve.”
Suddenly she found her passion – and the coaching was over.

Not everyone is retired like her and has the time, energy, and means to dedicate all day every day to the pursuit of one’s passions. However, many of us have no space at all in our lives to pursue those things which truly motivate us. Part of living the dream means being able to invest in those things we are enthusiastic about.

Right now I’m totally into everything having to do with suicide intervention. I have to limit myself to maximum one hour a day or else I would get nothing else done. The burning desire to learn everything I can pops me out of bed in the morning when I think about it. Most interesting to me is that I have zero background regarding suicide. Where did this passion come from? Can I find a unique way for me to help people? This has not yet fully revealed itself. Atill, this desire to know more, do more, help more drives me. It has become one of my passions.
I think the ability to be able to do and to be what inspires truly defines Living the Dream. How will you put into play what thrills you? How will you pursue that dream with no regrets? This is living the dream at its finest.

I would love to hear about your passions?