Contrary to popular wisdom, sometimes it is better to ready-fire-aim than to ready-aim-fire. People often spend much time, money and effort setting things up. Often the best approach is simply to “just do it.”

I often get questions about setting up a business. My clients and colleagues want to be Living the Dream. This requires that system be put in place. Instead of ensuring that all one’s ducks are nicely standing in a row, a bit of experimentation might be the best first move.

Imagine you have no clients and you say to your spouse:

“Honey I need to spend another thousand dollars on _____ in order to get my business started.” He/she thinks, “Yeah, and just when are you going to start making some money at this?”


You have several clients and the revenue is coming in. You say to your spouse: “Honey I need to spend some money on _____ in order to increase my new business.”  He/she says: “Great. Go for it.”

As the author of Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches, I regularly get inquiries about best practices when establishing a small business. My first and greatest encouragement is; get clients, serve them, get referrals, repeat. Everything else can follow. Training, certifications, credentials, business plans, strategic goals are all easier to acquire once clients are already happy with your service and paying you money. Establishing a business which will allow you to live your dream should not be done haphazardly. Nevertheless, too often a start-up will stall on preliminaries.


It is much easier to determine who is buying after (not before) they have bought.

  • Take good notes on the characteristics of your clients. Use that information to develop your target market.
  • Serve clients first. Investigate exactly what they need. Use that information to enhance your offering.
  • Become a student of your clients. Use that information to decide what additional training/knowledge you might need.

Go for it. Just do it. Ready Fire Aim

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