Living the Dream means being able to think and enjoy life with undue noise and distractions. Most of us desire to retreat to a place of solitude and calm comfort when we think of the dream life. If noise surrounds us, we can’t really relax. Sure, there are times when you just want to party with friends. For the most part, however, we dream of having a place on the beach or in the mountains where the loudest noises are bugs, wind, and the grill cooking steaks.

Turn the music off. Try it for a day, an hour, a year. Turn off the background noise and see where your mind takes you. You might find interesting points to ponder as you let go of the music in your ears and focus on the beat in your brain. Someone admitted to me recently that the thought “write the book” thunders in her head when she slows down listen to herself. We often fill our minds with sounds that pull us away from those things which we are called to do. Listening to yourself is essential for being where you need to be with a mind free of encumbrances.

There was a fiction book I read several years ago which described how people could be brought back to normal by leaving them solitary confinement for extended periods of time. When one of them complained to the psychologist overseeing the project about the benefits of such enforced solitude, she replied: “If you can’t be content with your own silence, you must be a pretty boring person.” This idea has stuck with me. I have found that I enjoy the journey of where my mind goes when I relax long enough to allow my thoughts to take flight. Off course, if other sounds are barraging me, I can’t go there.

You don’t need more noise to enjoy life more, you need a mind which is free to dance and sing to its own tune.

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~ Michael