Coming to the final chapter of one’s life without regrets is a strong desire most of us have. Living the dream means living NOW in such a way that looking back is free of regrets.

When I was in my 20’s living in Berlin, our pastor cited a recent study done in retirement homes across the city. Essentially the study wanted to know, “What would you have done differently?” The highest-ranking answer was, “I would have taken on more risk.” This impressed me since the participants were the generation that rebuilt Germany after the war. The fear of losing wealth and stability drove them toward security, not fun.

In contrast. one of my German friends who was born in the 1930’s pushed back on this. He would always say, “If you play you can win. If you don’t play, you’ve already lost.” If you fail, let it be doing something you love instead of something you hate. In other words, go for what inspires you instead of being yanked around by those things which drag you down.

Regret is the feeling of disappointment for a loss or a missed opportunity. To be truly a living-the-dream state of mind, regret needs to behind you, not in front of you. Let loose of the pain of what could have been.

What can you do now, to live without regrets?

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With Joy,

~ Michael