Putting honey on the hand of a three-year-old for a photo op with a wild bear is perhaps the best example of stupidity I’ve ever heard.  My wife’s step brother and friend saw this happen. Fortunately, they could scare away the bear by making a lot of noise. Then mother looked at them and said., “You ruined my picture!” People get ideas about something and don’t think through the potential consequences. 

Stupidity is not the opposite of smart. It is behaving without common sense or judgement. We all do stupid things and only realize this after the fact. Yet the ability to learn from stupid actions creates opportunities. I think the second time you do something stupid is a mistake. The first time is a learning experience.

I doubt a person would feel like he is living the dream knowing that his situation was founded on stupidity or sheer luck. Contentment comes from intentionality. Being cautious is the better part of risk management. We must make assumptions before to move forward – to have fun. However, we can also lose more than we bargain for when we don’t think through how things might transpire.

Live your dream. Feel free, focused and fulfilled. Know you’ve done your best to think things through and then go for it. Be outlandish without being outrageous.

How can you live your dream without stupidity? 

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 With Joy,

~ Michael