As I write this, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on my son and his family. Also, to the north and to the south of me are wildfires burning 1000s of acres. Why worry? Most of the things we worry about never happen. Of those things which DO happen, they are usually not as bad as we expect. The chances of something going terribly wrong are very small.

The living-the-dream mindset is free of worry. Sure, we want to be ready for eventualities. It is a sign of foolishness to know a storm is coming and not batten down the hatches. My son in Florida has spent the week gathering things like batteries, bottled water and he even bought an inflatable boat. Being prepared creates relaxation. Being perplexed creates vexation.

Worry does all kinds of nasty things to one’s brain and body. Blood sugar levels go up. Cortisol levels go up. Sustained worry can even shorten your lifespan. “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matthew 6:27) I don’t think so.

Instead of worry, try hope. Instead of fear, try peace. Instead of emotional paralysis, try positive action. Martin Luther is reputed to have said: “Wenn ich wüsste, dass morgen die Welt unterginge, würde ich heute noch ein Apfelbäumchen pflanzen.“ My translation: “Even if I knew the world would go to hell in a handbag tomorrow, I’d still plant an apple tree for my grandkids today.”

Nevertheless, we often need to do something in the face of impending disaster. I’ve been encouraged this week to see how many people are calling for prayer for those leeward and windward of the storms that are besieging our loved ones. Not only do I believe that such prayers positively affect the situation, they also calm and steady the nerves of the petitioners. Prayer works.

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Hoping you and yours are safe and well.
~ Michael