Maximize Virtual Conference

Ethics & Risk Management for Christian CoachesSomething is coming up soon that I want to tell you about. One of the most comprehensive meetings for Christian coaching will be happening soon. Over 27 experts in coaching will be part of this year’s CCNI eSummit entitled Maximize. As president I get to preside over the first evening of activities Wednesday, 28 September, from 7 pm until 10 pm Eastern Time. This evening is available virtually and at no cost. Listen to me being coached live by Tony Stoltzfus!

The rest of the Maximize conference goes all day from the morning of the 29th of September to the evening of the 1st of October and requires registration (see below). The vision for this year’s CCNI eSummit is to provide tools that create vision, provide inspiration, and equip Christian coaches to be successful business owners and practitioners. Here is a partial lineup of our speakers: Tony Stoltzfus, Janice LaVore-Fletcher, Cheryl Scanlan, Jonathan Reitz, Dr. Keith Webb, Chris McCluskey. My presentation will be on Thursday, 29 September, “The Must-Haves: Ethics and Morality in Your Coaching Business.”

If you sign up using this link ( for registration, I will send you a separate link where you can get an autographed copy of my new book, Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches, at a 40% discount off the regular price.

I would really, really love to see you be part of the Maximize virtual conference. Please contact me for details or questions.

In Him,
~ Michael